Welcome to my page! I am very excited to launch this site and our blog, “The Pivot.” This is a weekly blog covering a variety of topics. We call this “The Pivot” because we will rotate our discussions between athletics, family, faith, and life. I will add my unique perspective as a coach to help as many people as possible become the best versions of themselves.
First and foremost, I am proud father and husband! I am a high school social studies teacher, head girls basketball coach, and FCA Huddle Coach. My hobbies and interests include hanging with my family, reading, working out, grilling, music, movies, scuba, yard work, and traveling. Please post your thoughts and reactions to the comment section. I hope you enjoy and subscribe to the blog!

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leader with bright ideas

Discover New Ways To Make A Difference

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Once upon a time there was a master who was leaving for a journey. Before leaving he entrusted three of his servants with portions of his estate. The first servant…

change 2

Easy! 3 Key Steps to Change Your Life

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Have you ever pulled a Nancy Kerrigan and said, “Why Me?” when faced with doubt, uncertainty, or life’s difficult times? Sure you have. If not, you’re probably not human. Life…

teacher 1

36 Scientifically Proven Reasons Why Teachers Are The Best

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What is the one profession which leads to all others? It is said that teaching is the one true profession which affects eternity. It is impossible to tell where the…

hall of famers 1

Important Reminders From Future Hall of Famers

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To be honest I had something completely different in mind for this week’s post. However, while reading the other morning this topic seemed to be more fitting. And something coaches…