10 Ways to Create Your Max Value

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“The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without the work.”

What are you capable of? Have you ever sat and thought about what potential lies within?

Speaking of potential, once there was a man named Wo who lived a simple, humble life. Wo lived by himself in a modest home. He rose every day to read his bible, then off to work, and home again to pray before bed.

One night a bright light appeared in Wo’s room and he became very afraid. He cried out, “Make it go away God, and I will pray more and be more devout.” And away the light went.

And so Wo continued about his simple, solemn life for another five years until when the light once again appeared in his room. Just like the first time, Wo was afraid and cried out for God to make it stop. He promised he would be more devout. And away the light went.

Wo continued to live just the way he had until he was an old man. He had come to accept his fate and was not fearful. In fact, he welcomed the light into his room when it made it’s final appearance. But this time there was an angel who accompanied the light.

The angel took Wo’s hand and led him down a hallway with three doors. With the angel’s guidance, Wo went to the first doorway and opened the door. Behind the door he saw a younger version of himself with a nicer home, money, and abundance all around him.

Wo and the angel continued to walk down the hallway until the came to the second doorway. Wo opened the door and saw a slightly older version of himself from the first doorway. But this time he was holding hands with a beautiful woman, and he had two children who were hugging him.

value 3

Wo began to get a sinking feeling as they approached the third door. He did not want to open it as he began to realize what was going on. He was afraid of what he might see. When he opened the third door Wo saw another (slightly older) version of himself, but this time he had thousands looking up to him. Wo was an obvious world leader. He was a leader of men!

As he turned away from the door Wo began to cry as he realized what a life of safety and fear had cost.

Don’t be Wo.

Don’t be afraid of the unknown and what future possibilities may come your way.

We can all avoid becoming Wo by creating value in every situation we encounter. The world is built and is powered by the relationships we have with one another. We cannot do it alone. However, we must make a conscious effort to show up in a way that would bring value to all those we encounter.

value 2

These are more of a reminder to myself of what I need to focus on and do. I hope you find value on what I need to remember.

Here are 10 ways to create max value in your life:

    1. Listen. We never really think of it, but there’s so much in our work that requires us to listen to others, or for others to listen to us. What percentage of Americans do you think are good listeners? I asked my psychology class this and the majority said less than 40%. A key to good listening is to have NO intent. Just be present and absorb the information without preconceived ideas of what to interject. This is something I am seeking improvement in.
    2. Have an open mind. This falls in line with being a good listener. It’s important to leave preconceived ideas or prejudices out. Remember, you don’t have to agree or disagree with the person, topic, or event. But you can’t learn anything new if you’re having a reaction (predetermined) to it. Show up with an open mind, and your world view will expand.
    3. Take notes. We create more value by note-taking through our ability to recall important information. Taking notes during a meeting or presentation signifies your attention and willingness to learn. People want to work with growth minded people.
    4. Participate.  Whatever the setting may be, show up and participate. Don’t be a silent bystander. Through participation we naturally become more engaged, and as a result we’re more likely to create connections with others in the room. And you never know what opportunity it could lead to down the road.
    5. Make Friends. I used to be the type where I would just go in and sit somewhere where I wouldn’t have to talk to others. That was the wrong approach. Show up and make friends. The world is all about relationships. You create max value when you continue to build your social network. Help enough people and you’ll get what you want in return. 
    6. Have fun. I used to be too shy. I was afraid to let my guard down and it prevented me from truly having fun or enjoying an experience. One of my mentors recently said, “Don’t be too shy or too cool.” Show up and have fun. You won’t regret it.
    7. Be honest. People want the real version of Kyle, not the watered down version. It’s important to be honest and show vulnerability. When you do people will see you as more authentic and will be more willing to work with and help you.
    8. Ask questions. Again, I used to hold my questions to myself. In doing so, I limited my learning and thus the quality of interactions people would have with me. The more questions I ask, the more I learn. The more I learn and grow, the better I can impact and serve others. It’s selfish not to ask questions.
    9. Take risks. Put yourself out there. This past spring I attended a weekend seminar, and on Saturday morning we had a chance to get up in front of the entire room and share what we learned and what was on our heart. I would’ve never done this in the past, but I got up first and spoke. I took a risk of putting myself out there, and as a result people shared with me how my vision impressed and moved them. In order to grow, you have to take risks.
    10. Lead. Leaders bring out the best in others. They don’t lead with a whip. They’re not a boss. Leaders create max value because they help others accomplish a goal. They help others to see what’s possible for themselves and for the group.

value 5

It doesn’t matter what walk of life you’re in, the more value you create, the more success you will have.

How do you create max value in your life?

What did you like or identify with from this list?

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