9 Ways to Build a Team Mindset of Success

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Success is no accident. It is a choice. The actions we take and decisions we make must be intentional in order to achieve success. Every team and organization is in pursuit of success, but many do not know how to achieve it. The culture within these teams and organizations lack the necessary mindset success requires. If your team can build a mindset of success the results will follow.

Here are nine ways to build a team mindset of success.

Make things better. This requires each member of the team to take action. Each person must ask him or herself, “What can I do to make our team better?” Each team member, no matter the size of the role, can have a great impact on the team’s success. Another question to ask is, “What am I doing to help us improve our culture?” Attitude, effort, and teamwork will make things better for your team.

Take it personally. Each team needs and should require personal investment from all team members. Team leaders must create a buy-in in the program goals to the point where members take it personally. Members should ask themselves, “How am I personally engaged?” Engagement level is shown through action. If an individual is personally invested they will go above and beyond in all they do, because it matters. They want success because they’ve invested long hours and hard work to make it happen.

Work together. Everyone is in it together. Collaboration is essential. Individuals have to communicate and ask for help when it’s needed. Team leaders have to provide support for all team members. Everyone should share in the excitement and promotion of the team and its culture. Ask yourself, “If I’m not excited about it, how can I expect anyone else to be?”

Develop Synergy. In every winning organization there is a high level of clarity. All members of the organization are focused on the values and goals. A winning culture understands what winning looks like. It doesn’t come from the scoreboard or quarterly reviews. Rather, it comes from small daily victories. Synergy is essential because if the group doesn’t know why something is working, they won’t be able to fix it when it’s not.

Stay plugged in. In order for team members to stay plugged in, leaders must keep things fresh. Changing the order of the routine and making practices or meetings less routine and mundane is critical. Once it becomes boring and predictable people begin to check out. People are more likely to stay plugged in if they have something to go to work for. Again, it has to be more than the scoreboard. People need a reason to play above themselves, such as honoring those who cannot play with tremendous effort.

Have hope. One of the main responsibilities of team leaders is to keep hope alive. Be the beacon of hope your team or organization needs. Instill the “Yes I Can!” mindset within the culture. Adopt the attitude that if today’s not your day, tomorrow will be!

Outlast. No one is immune from adversity. We all face it in different forms but what separates the best from the rest is how they handle it. Without adversity we take everything for granted. Sometimes we need the negative, a challenge, or a setback to remind us of how good we have it. Always remember, for every hell there is a heaven! For every down there is an up!

Trust. Trust one another. Trust that your coach or boss has your back. Trust your teammates. Trust yourself and the work you’ve put in. Trust and respect the process. Anything worth having or achieving must be developed. Long hours and hard work are required. Patience is critical and perseverance is a must. Trust that good things are supposed to happen for you if put in the work.

Evaluate. In order to sustain success, individuals and teams must continually evaluate themselves. It’s been said if you’re the same person at 30 as you were at 18 you’ve failed yourself. You must continue to evaluate your views and evolve. Along with that, you must be willing to change what you do in order to achieve your goals. By doing the same things year-in and year-out without evaluation, or incorporation new ideas, the team’s ability to achieve success will greatly diminish.

What is the most element to building a culture of success? Please share your thoughts and insight.

As always, thanks for reading, have a great week, and be an RGP today!


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