Are You The Cow or Buffalo?

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One afternoon a cow was out in the pasture and notices there’s a storm coming in. As the cows begin to alert one another, they all begin to do what cows do in a storm; they run. Now obviously a cow running is not very fast, and inevitably the storm catches up with them. By running from the storm, the cows actually end up spending more time in it.

On the same afternoon a pack of buffalo see the same storm approaching, and they take a different approach from the cows. Instead of running away from the storm, the buffalo run up to the highest point they can reach, and run into the storm. In doing so, the buffalo minimize the pain and time spent into the storm.

buffalo 1

This story represents a great life lesson…the paths which seem easiest are often the worst ones to take. They lead to more difficult destinations. The moral of the story is to take the road less traveled.

Thanks to my friend Gregg McMullin for sharing this story last week.

According to a CNN Money survey nearly 80 million Americans are facing financial hardship. 

More than 60 percent of Americans in a relationship report being unhappy.

Over 50% of Americans are unhappy with their careers.

These numbers are high, and I believe they are because too many Americans are acting like the Cow instead of the buffalo.

What are the struggles in your life?

What difficulties do you face at work?

At home? And within your most important relationships?

Recently my family went through some trying times. My wife has been suffering from a bulging disc which was compressing nerves causing extreme pain in her lower back and leg. It was to the point where we had major back surgery scheduled.

The week before the surgery my car had to go into the shop. Turns out I needed a new belts and a new alternator. Later that afternoon, I got a call back from the shop and they found out I needed a new transmission. Great…

It was a rainy Monday and I had just taken our boys to swim lessons and my wife called and said she had been hit on the highway. Now her car was messed up and she was in even more pain. Great day, right?

We had two choices, sit there and be extremely angry and ask, “Why us?”

We could be the cow and run from the problems or we could be the buffalo and face them head on.

We chose the buffalo.

Buffalo 4

My wife and I are believers. We believe in God. We accept Jesus Christ as our savior. We believe in the law of attraction. We believe you can speak things into existence.

Well, the car is what it is. We were able to get a good deal, get the price reduced, and had great customer service and care (LOA in action).

My wife began talking about her back problems to clients, friends, and acquaintances. Several people mentioned stem cell treatment as an option. She went for a consultation, we discussed our options, and decided to forego surgery and do stem cell.

We’re happy to say she is feeling much better and on the path to recovery!

All of these events put incredible stress on us. They took a good chunk of money out of our savings, but you can’t run and hide. We know we’ll be okay. We saw how even in the trying times, God was working in our favor.

We know money goes where energy flows. We faced the problems, and are now focused on doing more and attracting more wealth into our lives.

Buffalo 2

What can you do to turn your mess into a message? What test are you facing which will become your testament?

Whatever it is, don’t be the cow. Be the buffalo!

Identify the problem, build your strength, and charge at it.

If you do, you’ll have less time in the struggle with less pain to deal with.

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