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Attitude is a little thing, but something that can and does make a big difference. Your attitude determines your altitude. How you choose to view the world and your circumstances directly determines the amount of success you will achieve. This week we’ll discuss the proper attitude that players and coaches should have. The same concepts presented for players and coaches will undoubtedly bring success in the business world as well.

Legendary football coach Bill Walsh once said, “Good talent with bad attitude equals bad talent.” People cannot get by on talent alone. I would rather (and I’m sure many other coaches agree) have a team full of mediocre talent with great attitudes over a team of talented players with bad attitudes. Players, it’s rather simple: coaches want players who have positive attitudes. Coaches, if you want a successful program you must be willing to eliminate the bad apples who refuse to buy in and bring a bad attitude. Conversely, coaches must create an environment that is positive and that players want to be a part of. This starts with the coach himself (or herself) having a positive attitude and approach to every day, practice, and game. As the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan, once said, “I never thought a role model should be negative.”

Thomas Jefferson said, “Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can the help the man with the wrong attitude.” No player will be able to perform at their best and help the team if they don’t have the proper mindset. Everyone has both good and bad attitudes. We all have our moments when each one is present. The good is filled with empathy, joy, hope, and love. The bad is filled with anger, envy, ego, and self-pity. How do we determine which one wins and is present more often? The answer is simple: whichever one is fed more wins. For the good to win, you must surround yourself with good people who think and act like you do. If those you surround yourself with do not act in that manner, you must remove yourself from the situation. Be careful what you read and watch. Fill yourself with the positive and your attitude will be positive. The positive player and coach will always have more sustainable success.

During my research for this week’s post I came across this quote, “Your life is either a celebration or a chore. The choice is yours.” To illustrate this quote, I’m going to share with you a story I recently read. The story involves two American shoe salesmen who were sent to the Australian Outback to look for new business with native people. After a few weeks of field research they both reported back to corporate with their findings. The first salesman said, “No business here; the natives don’t wear shoes.” The second responded back with, “Great opportunity here, the natives don’t wear shoes.”  Which attitude and outlook do you have? If it’s not like the second one; it needs to be.

Players need to adopt a positive, team-first attitude. They should approach every day as a golden opportunity to make themselves and their team better. It should be a “we before me” attitude. Coaches need to adopt the attitude and mindset of leading by example. If you want players who are selfless, passionate, and great teammates, you have to model that behavior. Your behavior must match the expectations you have for your players. If there is any contradiction, you will not be successful.

A strong, positive, and determined attitude is needed in sports and the business world.  In the business world, this same model and mindset translates. Your life is either a celebration or a chore. You alone determine your attitude and outlook. Having a great attitude is something that is controllable. Always remember, your attitude determines your altitude.


Thanks for reading, have a great week, and be an RGP today!