Avoid Mailing It In: Tips for a Great Day When You’re Not Feeling It

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At some point you have woken up and not wanted to get out of bed. You were tired, didn’t feel well, or the bed just felt too comfortable. We’ve all had those days. Even though you feel that way you know you must get up and go to work. How can you have a productive day when you feel this way? This week we’ll discuss six ways to have a great day when you just aren’t feeling it.

Last Friday I was having one of these days. I was tired, not feeling well, and just overall feeling drained. While driving into work I thought, “Hey, it’s Friday. We can have an easy day. I’ll just share the notes with the kids and play a video.” But I know I am better than that and it wasn’t an option. As I parked my car and began heading into the building for our FCA meeting my day began to change, and here’s why: I had one thought walking in. Here is that thought and five others to help you have a great day when you’re feeling drained.

Impact someone’s life today. I vividly recall saying this to myself as I walked into the building last Friday. Once I did, my day began to immediately change. We all have jobs to do. Mine is unique because I am in a position to influence young lives every day. Even if I can impact only one person it is a great day.

Make someone smile. The funny thing is when you make someone smile, you automatically smile yourself. And when you smile you feel positive energy. As I went into our FCA meeting I immediately had a few interactions and received a smile. Right away I could feel my spirits lift and my energy level increase. The best way to feel better is to make someone smile. Try it.

Learn something. Learning is a lifelong process, even on the days you’re not feeling it. If I read something or watch something where I am able to learn and take something away I become energized. There is something that intrinsically motivates me and gives me energy while I am reading something of value. It lights a fire under me and helps me realize that I don’t have time to waste because I am feeling a little down. So, the next time you’re feeling down, read or watch a short motivational story. You’ll feel much better.

Check out these sources for motivation:

YouTube channels: Absolute Motivation, TED Talks, Stronger Team, Beats Reloaded

Twitter handles: @ABradley5, @AlanStein, @TheGoldenMirror, @BookOProverbs, @JonGordon11

Interact with others. Give energy to receive energy. Most of the time if we are feeling down we just want to be left alone. We isolate ourselves. Well, the problem with that is we remain in bad mood all day. The sooner you begin interacting with people at work, the sooner you start to feel better. Conversations don’t need to be work related. They can be about something funny that you saw last night or plans for the upcoming weekend. I always find that the more I interact with others, the better I feel and more energy I have.

Somewhere, someone wishes for your problems. Think of the Syrian refugees right now. Do you think they’d like to trade places with you? You bet. What about the family that is homeless or has lost a loved one? We tend to only think and sulk on our problems, but if we stop to reflect on the misfortune that many others have, we begin to realize it’s not so bad. It’s a natural human emotion to feel down, bad, or like nothing’s going right. However, once we take to time appreciate what we have and realize that many others would love to trade places with us life doesn’t seem so bad.

What if that was my child or spouse’s teacher/coach/boss. This is simple yet powerful. When you feel like mailing it in and taking it easy for the day think about this, “How would I feel if my child or spouse’s boss took the day off and didn’t give them their best?” I know I would be upset if I found out my child’s teacher or coach just shut it down for the day. Granted, I realize we’re all going to have off days. But, we can limit them. As a teacher and coach, I try to treat my students and athletes the way I would want my sons to be treated. A simple, yet powerfully motivating thought.

The next time you’re feeling down, drained, and like mailing it in try to think of these six thoughts. They will help raise your energy and spirits, and you’ll end up having a great day just as I did last Friday.

What do you like best about this list? What would you add to it? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

As always, thanks for reading, have a great week, and be an RGP today!


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