Camouflage Blessings

By December 11, 2015 4 Comments

Once there was a young high school teacher and coach who was interviewing for a head football job. He was only in the third year of his professional career. The young coach was obviously nervous but did very well in the interview process. In fact, he made into the final round of interviews. It was down to the last two candidates and the young coach nailed his final interview. He thought the job was his. Only a few days later he got the call and was informed he did not get it. I was obviously disappointed and later learned the person who had won the job was related to that school’s athletic director. That’s right, the young coach was me.

Two weeks ago, the Friday after Thanksgiving, I was helping my sons take out their Christmas train to put around their “Kid Tree” when suddenly my back went out. It was bad. I could barely stand and walk. Later that night it dropped me to my knees and my wife had to help me to the couch. It was several days before I began to feel better. To make things worse, I didn’t get to put up our Christmas lights. My son and I were both disappointed that our house didn’t have lights up yet. It was going to be another week before we’d get them up.

The following Monday I was still in a lot of pain and had to take the day off of work in order to get a few treatments from the chiropractor. After the first treatment I stopped by the gas station to fill up on gas. After filling up and paying I went to start the car and, nothing..I tried again and again. Nothing. The battery had died. I was able to get the car jump-started and drove down the road to O’Reilly Auto Parts to get a new battery. It was a very cold and windy day and this whole process took over 45 minutes. All I wanted to do was to get home and lay down so I wasn’t standing on my bad back.

One could look at all three of those events and say, “Why me?” It’s easy to do so. But in choosing to do that we are only making things worse. I was fortunate to not receive the head football job because if I had, I would not have been able to coach basketball. Fast-forward eight years, I am now a head basketball coach and have recently decided to give up coaching football. Now, I can’t picture myself not coaching basketball. It has become my passion.

If my back had not gone out that Friday I was going put up Christmas lights on Saturday. It was a cold, wet, and windy day. I wouldn’t have had any help. What if I would’ve been up on the roof reaching for something and my back went out? I would’ve been stuck up there or worse fallen off the roof leading to a more severe injury.

The timing for the car battery was not ideal. But what if I had my sons with me and weren’t close to an auto parts store? If I had my 17 month old son with me at that time I couldn’t have held him or walked with him while the battery was being replaced. I was fortunate it didn’t happen after one of my games as I tried to leave school with my four-year-old son.

There’s a silver lining with everything. We just have to choose to look for it. Having a positive outlook determines the quality of life we live. Negative thoughts and always thinking, “Why me?” will only keep the bad cycle going. We must choose to feed the positive wolf inside us, if we do, the negative one dies.

Our reality depends on our thoughts. Our thoughts come from what we read, watch, and listen to. We have complete control over that. We can either choose to find the good in things and people, or find the bad. The quality of our life depends on it.

Happiness is a choice. The choice is ours.

Will you choose it?

What’s a time where something bad happened but you found a silver lining? We’d love to hear your story!

As always, thanks for reading, have a great week, and be an RGP today!


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  • Bonnie says:

    I have not commented recently but need to this time! Outstanding article, best you have ever done and all so true.

    Good Job Kyle!

  • kelmendorf says:

    Thank you, appreciate the support!!

  • Aaron says:

    Very nice Kyle, Some of the best things in my life have resulted from situations that at first appeared to be bad luck. I really enjoy reading your blogs so keep it up buddy! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  • kelmendorf says:

    Thanks Aaron, I really appreciate it! Hope to see you soon, we really need to get a Chop reunion going. I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas too!