Life’s not easy. It’s a grindstone, whether it beats us down or polishes us up is completely up to us. In order to win in the game of life and come out a champion we have to face our problems and fears. Unfortunately, each passing generation is losing a necessary skill, the ability to deal with problems. More and more adults run from pressing issues and these habits are being passed onto our youth. This week we’ll discuss why we need to Deal With It and how to do it.

Everyone one of us has our own problems, issues, and obstacles in this world. No one makes it through life without any bumps along the way. What the most successful people have come to realize is that those bumps don’t matter. They’re a part of the process. Life will throw you curves, just keep fouling them off, and then be ready to run when the opportunity comes.

You may fear talking in front of others. Deal with it.

It might be hard for you to execute. Deal with it.

You may struggle to focus and stay on task. Deal with it.

It’s hard to get started and not procrastinate. Deal with it.

You may have issues amongst or with players on your team. Deal with it.

There are issues at home that need resolving. Deal with it.

You have mounds of tedious work you hate to do. Deal with it. (Do the most unpleasant work first, then the rest of the day seems much more enjoyable).

You failed..Deal with it.

Your children need your help, tough love, discipline, and guidance. Deal with it. They are YOUR responsibility.

No excuses, no explanations.

Deal with the problems, fears, insecurities, and obstacles in your way. The sooner you do, the sooner you get to the reward or goal.

Deal with the energy drainers in your life. Don’t allow others to control how you feel or act. You are the only one in control of your attitude. Your attitude determines your altitude. The company you keep affects your attitude. Choose to only associate with those who are positive, energetic, optimistic, and who bring out the best in you.

It is a life-long process to achieve these things but it is worth it. There are going to be people who will mock, ridicule, and laugh at you. Deal with it. Those people have given up and are now full-time cynics. Don’t allow them to affect how you work on your dreams.

It’s possible for you to choose your future. Is it necessary? It should be. If it is, you will find a way to deal with the challenges and live the life you want.

In the everlasting words of the immortal 80’s hairband, Journey: “Don’t stop believing!”

As always, thanks for reading, have a great week, and be an RGP today!


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