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Once upon a time there was a master who was leaving for a journey. Before leaving he entrusted three of his servants with portions of his estate. The first servant receives five talents, the second receives two, and the third receives one.

After a long journey the master returns home and seeks out the servants. He asks about the talents and discovers the first and second servants put their talents to work and doubled their value while the master was away. Because of this the master was pleased and rewarded them.

The third servant did nothing with his talent. In fact, he buried it. Upon learning this the master grew angry and scolded the servant.

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This, of course, if the Parable of Talents found in the gospel of Mathew, and it applies directly to our lives.

We all were created to make a difference. We were created to do, not sit by and do nothing. Just as in the parable of talents, we are blessed with more when we do more with what we have. We are not exempt from putting our talents and blessings to use. To do so would be selfish and would be making no difference whatsoever.

In order to make a difference in our life and the lives of others we must surround ourselves with people who better us. We should seek people of wisdom, and build a team of wise confidants. We need the help of others if we’re ever going to reach our full potential.

I’m a big basketball fan so I’ll relate it to the NBA. Michael Jordan wasn’t able to win a championship alone, LeBron James wasn’t either, heck the Golden State Warriors had to go out and get Kevin Durant so they could win another title. Even the best need help, and in order to make a difference in life so do we.

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In life we attract what we are. We can’t be sad, grumpy, or miserable all the time. Sure, some days are better than others, but if you act like Eeyore the rain cloud will just keep following you around. We have to let go of our past mistakes in order to make a difference. We can’t wish for a better past, we must live in the present moment.

Failures don’t define our future. Just because we’ve had a bad stretch doesn’t mean we can’t have a great run ahead.

To live a life of impact and make a difference we have to forgive. We must forgive ourselves and others. We can’t forgive others if we don’t first forgive ourselves. If we want to make a difference for others, we can’t give up on them. We must continue to be a friend and encourage those who need it.

Here are 3 things not to do in order to make a difference:

  1. Don’t lose hope
  2. Don’t stop believing in God
  3. Don’t be anxious

As my friend Pastor Aaron Grijalva says, we must do these 3 things to be a difference maker:

  1. Get wisdom–Read, Continue to learn
  2. Apply it–do something with what you know & can do
  3. Live in excitement–look forward to the great days and times ahead.  (We attract what we are)

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No matter what our past is or where we currently are in life, we can make a difference.

We are all called to be difference makers.

As always, thanks for reading, have a great week, and be an RGP today!


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