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“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” ~Mahatma Gandhi

It’s been a tough week in our country. We need to come together and heal our great nation. We must for our children and grandchildren’s sake.

Don’t let fear take you over. Don’t let fear rule. Don’t let fear win. Too many of us are.

I’m tired of the horrible headlines.

I’m tired of the killings.

I’m tired of innocent people being killed.

I’m tired of groups of people being lumped together as one because of one bad apple.

I’m tired of gun violence.

I’m tired of the hate and fear mongering our local and national media feed the public.

I’m tired of the public consuming this fear, then acting on it.
fear 1

We don’t understand each other. Instead of reaching out to find common ground, too many of us go out of our way to find the differences. And then we share them online. As if sharing someone else’s meme, video, or remarks don’t really reflect ourselves, or divide others.

What we need is more of this, please watch this great clip. This needs to be shared and spread throughout social media more.

We need to love more. Love will win.

We cannot let the fear being promoted by political candidates and agendas drive us apart. If we listen to the news and consume the headlines, the world can seem like a cold, dark place. We need to make the effort to understand each other. We need to stop fearing different races, cultures, and ethnicities. The world will become a better place when we do.

We’re not all bad; but we’re better than this.

fear 3

 It’s scary to raise two young children in a world with so much fear leading to such unspeakable acts of violence. But I won’t let fear win. I will teach them to respect everyone and treat everyone with kindness. We will not let hate enter our hearts. My wife and I will set the example. We will teach them to love and serve as Jesus did. We will not teach them to profile, stereotype, or hate anyone from any background. We’re all one human race.

We will teach our children to speak up to injustice and help those who can’t help themselves. We will not let fear consume their minds. We will teach them it’s always better to be a part of the solution, than to increase the problem. It may seem like the world is in its final days, but how many times has this been said or thought before. Good always wins.

I choose to believe in positive people who want more. I believe in the human spirit. Let’s break down walls of fear and mistrust. It all starts at home. We all play a role in the lives our country’s youth. Let’s teach them to love and accept all people. fear 2

We could all use a reminder and lesson from this great movie. Let’s use sports an example of how people from different backgrounds can come together, work towards a common goal, and become a family.

I won’t let fear win. I choose love.

Do you?

As always thanks for reading, have a great week, and be an RGP!


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