“Coach Kyle has been a great asset for our website and has provided meaningful content for our audience. His beliefs in promoting sport participation and the value in sport beyond the field of play are aligned with our companies goals. Kyle’s writing gives the reader insight into the coaches role and relationship with the athlete beyond the X’s and O’s and is a tangible resource for a coach in any sport at any level. We look forward to continuing work with Coach Elmendorf promoting his posts on our blog.”
The Coaches Site Inc.

“I have had the pleasure of working alongside Coach Elmendorf for the past 9 years. He is an amazing coach and an even better person! He wants nothing more than to see young athletes succeed and be the best person they can be!”
– Coach Brad Yount

“Kyle offers unique and introspective views of not only coaching young people, but he also allows his audience to see sport through the lens of the participants. As education-based school coaches, we have to continually remember what ‘true north’ is when it comes to working with the young people in our athletic programs. Kyle has a marvelous knack of reflecting upon the fundamental aspects of why we provide sports in our schools. As coaches……as parents……his words help align what our daily mission in working with our children should be about.”
– Bruce Brown, CMAA, CIC | Executive Director | Ohio Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association

“Whether you are a parent, coach or child Coach Kyle’s wisdom will help you become a better person. His writing is from the heart and his thoughts provocative yet practical as he shares his experience as a father, family man, coach and human being. We recently published an article from the coach on being a better parent, coach and player that proved to be a hit with our readers simply because it focused on making us a better person in all roles of life. Leverage his weekly thoughts into a better you in all aspects of your life.”
– Gary Doyle, IgNITE Magazine

“Our daughter had very positive experience while playing for Coach Elmendorf of Orchard Farm High School. In regard to the mechanics of basketball, Coach invested his time teaching the fundamentals, reviewing game films with the girls, finding fun outside summer camps, and running summer leagues. His teams were always well prepared for an opponent, as they always knew their team goals and individual responsibilities. If a player wanted to spend extra time becoming a better player, Coach would be there to open the gym and offer advice. He invested his time to help the players be successful, both on and off the court. Coach made it clear to the team that God, family, and school always came before basketball and that players should have their priorities in order. Coach Elmendorf believes in giving back to the community and his teams were always involved with community service. Playing for Coach Elmendorf made my daughter a stronger leader and a better player and she can look back with fond memories of her high school experience.”
– Matt Mann