Inconvenient Truths

By August 16, 2013 No Comments

In a newsletter from Coach Mike Neighbors (@coachneighbors) there was an article about 16 harsh truths that make us stronger. This week I am going to take my three favorite truths and discuss them with you. I believe that if we come to accept these truths and embrace them, it will make us better people.

The first inconvenient truth is that there is a lot that we don’t know. It’s hard for many people, me included, to admit that we don’t know something. We can’t be know-it- all’s, rather we should be learn-it-all’s. The world is constantly changing, especially with technology. We cannot be afraid to learn new information, systems, and practices. A key component of this is reading. To expand our minds, knowledge, and vocabulary we must read. Reading is the one true way to learn. By reading and embracing new information we are preparing ourselves for growth and success. But before we get there we must first admit that there is a lot that we don’t know. Do not let pride get in the way of being a lifelong learner.

A second inconvenient truth is you can’t always get what you want. Are you now singing [amazon-product text=”The Rolling Stones” type=”text”]B002KVCA1O[/amazon-product]? Every time I read or type that phrase their song pops into my head. I am just as guilty as anyone else when it comes to wishing for more. Sometimes I wish for a bigger house, more money or a house on the beach. I have to stop myself sometimes to think about what’s really important and how blessed I truly am in this life. The reality is that I was a winner in the cosmic lottery. I think about all the people before me, people living now, and those who will come after me that live in far worse conditions than me. I have a great family, beautiful wife, amazing son, great pets (sometimes 🙂 ), a rewarding career, and good health. Many are not so lucky. If you’re as lucky as I am, we need to appreciate what we have more and not wish for things that we don’t need. You can’t always get what you want, but more often than not we realize we already have all we need.

The third and final inconvenient truth is that there may not be a tomorrow. It’s really hard to type that and even harder to say it. Life has a way of speeding us up, especially in the fast-paced technological world that we live in. Our careers, hobbies, and busy schedules have a way of making us always look ahead to what’s next, what’s to come. Again, I am just as guilty of this as anyone out there. My biggest fear is that I won’t live to see my son grow up. Now there’s a lot I can do to control that–make good decisions, eat healthy, and all that. But to a degree it is somewhat out of my control. What I can control, however, is how I spend each day and each minute with him. I need to put down the phone and walk away from computer more. I need to be present more when having conversations with my wife, friends, and family, and not being thinking about what’s coming up next. We all need to take time each day to appreciate those we love in our lives because we may not have time to do it tomorrow. So to all my family, friends, and players, I love you all!

I am going to take more time today and this week to reflect on these three inconvenient truths because it will make me a better and happier person.  I hope you do the same.

Which of the three truths do you relate with most? What struggles do you have with any of them? I’d love you hear your thoughts and get your feedback.

Thanks for reading, have a great week, and be an RGP today!