It’s Not Okay, Ok?

By January 2, 2015 2 Comments

We need to change. As individuals and as a society. Every year people make hollow new year resolutions that don’t mean anything or last. Instead of making empty promises to ourselves, let’s focus on making changes. This week we’ll discuss 25 things that are not okay in our society today. These things must change. If we start with ourselves, our children, and our families, we can make a difference.

It’s not okay:

  1. The childhood obesity rate is around 20%.
  2. 25% of U.S. adults are obese.
  3. Youth athletes play more games than they spend time practicing.
  4. Schools serve bags of cookies to students throughout the day as a fundraiser.
  5. For breakfast kids will have a bag of cookies, and then soda at lunch.
  6. Schools are okay with #4 and #5.
  7. We continue to raise entitled generations.
  8. To judge people because of their weight.
  9. To judge others for choosing to live healthy, alternate lifestyles.
  10. That nearly 25% of Americans do not read at least one book a year.
  11. We don’t carry the “Holiday Spirit” with us all year long.
  12. 50 million Americans eat some form of fast food on a daily basis.
  13. Our kids spend way too much time playing video games.
  14. 80% of U.S. adults don’t get the recommended amount of exercise (2.5 hrs in a week).
  15. We rarely see kids outside playing games.
  16. The average American spends two hours a day on their phone.
  17. That discipline is seen as a dirty word.
  18. The average American eats 30% more packaged than fresh foods
  19. Too many of us want the rewards without putting in the work.
  20. We give out medals to everyone just so they don’t have to face the pain of failure.
  21. The average American eats 1 ton of food in a year.
  22. Far too many parents live vicariously through their children.
  23. That we feed our kids soda, energy drinks, and sugary drinks that greatly increase their odds of becoming obese.
  24. We automatically look for the bad in someone instead of looking for the good in them.
  25. We are slow to forgive and quick to condemn.

I’m tired of living in a world where we know these things exist and are wrong, but do nothing about them. We either turn a blind eye to them, hope someone else fixes them, or just don’t think it’s within our power to make a difference.

The first step to fixing a problem is to acknowledge it exists. We must stop pretending these things are okay, ok?

In this new year, I challenge all of us (myself included) to do more to change the things that are not okay in our society.

As always, thanks for reading, have a great 2015, and be an RGP today!



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  • Warren Nye says:

    Happy New Year Kyle!
    Totally agree with all you have put down on that list and what you have said. I also feel it is our responsibility as parents and adults to lead by example and teach/coach our kids the right way.
    My new saying for 2015 is this #bethechange
    Keep up the great work Kyle and I’m standing along with you!
    Coach Nye

  • kelmendorf says:

    Happy New Year Warren!

    Thanks for the support, I appreciate it! I love your saying for 2015, it’s great. I think that’s a big problem in society, many want to complain but few want to change. If there’s anything I can ever do to help, please let me know.

    All the best for a great 2015!