Leadership is a Skill

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It was the end of a long but successful football season for the town’s local high school. They ended winning conference, advancing in the postseason, and had the best record in school history. Along with the on-field success, they were set to graduate 20 seniors as well. Although the team had just achieved great success many people, including the coaches, had their doubts about next season.

They doubted the ability of the underclassmen.

They doubted the leadership ability of the sophomores and juniors.

The widely held belief was that all the leaders were graduating. The underclassmen didn’t know how to lead. The coaches were fearful of what would happen next season. They knew they needed to help these kids become better leaders and young men of character.

It was one thing to talk about it, but they didn’t know how to do it.

Can leadership be taught or is one just born a leader? 

If it can be taught, how could they effectively teach their kids to lead with character?

Believe it or not, this type of scenario occurs often throughout our country and across the globe in all sports. It’s a problem, but what if I told you there’s a solution?


Leadership can be taught. 

I used to be one of those coaches. I believed in character and leadership development. I would share stories, film clips, and quotes; but I didn’t have a set curriculum. I wanted to give my kids more but didn’t know how to effectively develop a program that provided all they would need.

Then I was introduced to Lead ‘Em Up.

I used this program and the awesome curriculum provided for the past two years with my team. My girls have loved it and look forward to it every week. I’ve witnessed firsthand the effect Lead ‘Em Up has had on athletes, and watched players grow as people and leaders.

The world needs leaders. Our job as coaches isn’t only to teach the sport we love. It’s to use the sport we love to help teach life lessons. Only about three percent of high school athletes play collegiately, and only one percent will ever make it the pros.

Yes, we want to compete hard and win. But, are we not letting our kids down if we don’t teach them more than a game? I believe we are. What happens when the great leaders of today die? Who’s going to take their spot? The world is in need of leaders and sports provide the perfect platform to produce them.


Leadership can be taught. You, yes you, can help your local high school grow and develop leaders. How? Simply email your athletic director  and coaches the link below where they can see a free preview to Lead ‘Em Up’s new and enhanced curriculum.

Are you a business or work for a company who’s interested in impacting your community? Please contact for more information.

I’d like to leave you with a testimonial from one of my senior basketball players on her experience with Lead ‘Em Up:

“Lead Em Up is every players favorite day of the week. Not only does it give us something to look forward to at the beginning of a long week, but it brings us all together as a team, and our team chemistry gets stronger. We love getting to laugh and do fun activities with each other, and also being able to listen to what we are all accomplishing and proud of during “We, Me, You”. Every once in a while it feels good to tell your team what progress you’re having on the court, or even in the classroom. Not only does it bring every layer of our program together but it helps us gain confidence. Having to get up in front of your whole team and participate in “Me, We, You” or even a fun, silly activity makes you not as afraid to talk in front of large groups of people. This later on can not only help us on the court, but in the classroom and even in our careers later on. Coaches always talk about what you learn during high school sports should not only help your athletic ability and skill, but what type of person you are later on, and how the things you grasp from the team and your experiences shape you, and Lead Em Up makes a huge impact on that.” ~Payton Dill, senior at Orchard Farm High School

Find out why Lead ‘Em Up is the perfect program to produce leaders at your school and within your community.

As always thanks for reading, have a great week, and an RGP today!