Power of Mind

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What is the most powerful thing we possess as humans? What separates us from all other creatures? It is our mind; it is the single most important thing we possess. This week I will discuss why the mind is so powerful and what we can do tap into its great power.

How many of us are soon going to be going on a diet now that Thanksgiving is over and we are full tilt into the Holiday Season? We often care so much about our physical appearance but neglect to take care of our mind, the greatest and most important thing we possess.  What we feed our minds is of great importance. It has been said that the first and last ten minutes of each day are vital. What do we do with that time? Many of us fall asleep watching mindless television and wake up struggling to get out of bed. Our minds determine our reality, so if we want to live in a positive world, we must surround ourselves with positive things and thoughts. I just recently finished reading [amazon-product text=”The Energy Bus” type=”text”]0470100281[/amazon-product] by Jon Gordon. It is a wonderful book and I highly recommend it. I have taken many great ideas from this book and plan to implement them into my life. The book uses a metaphor to illustrate the power of positive thought. It says we all have a positive and negative dog inside of us that are constantly battling us. The positive and negative dogs refer to the energies that we all carry.  That really struck a chord with me when I read it, because I fight that battle constantly. We have a constant internal battle going on between the positive and negative going on in our life. So which dog wins– the positive or the negative one? The answer is simple. The one who gets fed more will win. If we only surround ourselves with positive talk and thought, the negative starves to death because it doesn’t have any fuel. I encourage you to spend the first and last ten minutes of every day in positive thought. It can be reflection upon a quote, a motivational or uplifting news story, or reading a great book. A good friend and colleague of mine has a “yoga bedtime” routine that helps her to focus on a positive thought. This process helps her ability to get great sleep. It’s a rather simple yet powerful concept.

It has been said that what we are is the sum of our thoughts. Our thoughts are influenced by what we see and hear. These then influence our attitude. Our attitudes determine our altitude. In essence, all we are and can be are in direct proportion to what we think. We control our attitudes, and our attitudes control our outlook or disposition towards life. We can choose to be happy and positive or unhappy and negative.

One of my favorite classes I teach is sociology. In the class we discuss a term called hypothesis of linguistic relativity. This theory states that our perceptions of the world, our reality, are dependent upon our language. The more limited the vocabulary one has, the more narrow their scope of the world is. In order to maximize our potential and to truly expand our minds, we must expand our vocabulary. Another way to do this is to learn another language. Our reality depends on our vocabulary. We must feed our minds with positive content. Here are some troubling statistics on American literacy:  Fifty percent of American adults are unable to read at an 8th grade level. One third of high school graduates never read another book after they graduate. Seventy percent of American adults have not been into a bookstore in the last year. These are very sobering statistics based upon the research of publishing guru, Dan Poynter. The point is, if we want to achieve we must expand our knowledge and vocabulary through reading. Make it a goal to read for not only entertainment but for knowledge as well.

Too often we are bogged down with work and other time-consuming obligations. These commitments make it hard for many to regularly read.  Who we follow on Twitter and Facebook is extremely important, because let’s face it, many of us spend free time on those two sites. We spend so much time on social media today that we need to make sure who and what we follow is of substance. Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to have entertainment in your life, but make sure there is a balance as well. Be sure to follow people and companies that provide quality information. Find the balance in life where you get a release from the daily grind but also are able to expand your base of knowledge. The great thing about social media is that, if used properly, it can provide a wealth of knowledge.

We all have dreams and aspirations for our lives. As we get older these dreams change. I am not talking about having a dream while you are sleeping. I am talking about having a dream about reaching a goal or accomplishing a feat. Dreamers are achievers, they are doers. Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” Too often people have a dream but do not accomplish it. Mr. Disney is right: if the mind can conceive it, it can be done. I believe that there isn’t anything we can’t accomplish. Success stories are made of ordinary people who rise up to meet challenges and accomplish great things. There are no superheroes, just people who can fully utilize the power of the mind.

This week’s challenge is to spend ten quality minutes before bed and after waking on filling your mind with positive talk. If you do so, your day will be a good one.

As always, thanks for reading, have a great week, and be an RGP!


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