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Happy Friday, the last one for 2012!I hope 2012 brought you as much happiness as it did for me. This week I will share my 2013 goals with you and share a short parable that we can all use in the coming new year.

I want to be better at everything I do. I do not want to be someone who becomes stagnant and stale at what they do. To me, there is nothing worse than someone who just goes through the motions and punches the time clock every day. I don’t want to be someone who is the same in year 20 as they were in year ten. Every year, heck every day I want to get better. It’s not easy; it’s pretty hard to continue on a path that leads to improvement. It’s easy to form bad habits and become lazy. New Years resolutions offer promise of a better life but many quit their resolutions only after a couple of weeks. Have you noticed that the gym is most crowded during first couple of weeks in January and then is back to normal in February? Over 90% of people who make New Years resolutions fail to follow through with them. In order to have success with your resolutions I suggest writing your goals down, keeping them brief and attainable, and forcing yourself to follow through for the first month. Once you set your new habits, it will be very difficult to break them. However, once they are broken and you return to the old ways, it is extremely difficult to get off that course.

My first goal for 2013 is to become a better father and husband. This is the most important job that I have. In order to accomplish this goal I need to be more of a servant at home and not give into selfish tendencies at times. I need to be more patient and be more present. My mind wonders at times, from a basketball game, school issues, blog topics, and to how I am going to get my “hole in the donut” (if you don’t get that reference, refer back to my early blog posts.) I need to give my undivided attention to my wife and son on a more consistent basis. There is nothing more important than family. What good is success if you don’t have anyone to share it with?

A second goal is to read 30 books during the 2013 calendar year. This past February I set that goal, and since February of 2012 I have read over 20 books. The books on my list will help me become a better father, husband, teacher, and coach. I also will read books for entertainment as well and of course love any great historical book. The first three books for this year are: [amazon-product text=”How Rich People Think” type=”text”]0975500341[/amazon-product], [amazon-product text=”What It Takes To Be Number One” type=”text”]1400319978[/amazon-product], and [amazon-product text=”Proof of Heaven” type=”text”]1451695195[/amazon-product]. I challenge you read during 2013 and to read something that is going to make you better at what you do.

Another goal is to become a better coach. Great coaches are always able to relate to and get the best out of their athletes. To accomplish this goal I will continue to study film, read from past and present coaching greats, and study our own program to understand our strengths and weaknesses. I will continue to work at developing relationships with my athletes that will last long after they graduate. Lastly, I am going to be a conductor of energy every single day. Whether it’s an open gym, practice, or game; I am going to bring the energy. Teams are an extension of their coaches and reflect the head coach. I want my team to always be energetic and passionate and in order to get that I have to model it.

In order to accomplish the three goals listed above I absolutely have to have this fourth goal and follow through with it. My health is my wealth and so is yours. I am going to get up everyday before 5 am on weekdays and workout. I have a lot to accomplish every day if I am going to reach the goals I have set. Laziness will not get me anywhere. I actually have more energy throughout the day when I wake early and workout as opposed to the days where I sleep in. My morning routine will include a 20-25 minute workout, eating a healthy breakfast, and followed by reading and research. I want to live a long healthy life and need to take care of myself now in order to prevent future health problems. I am going to cut out junk food, eat more things that are organic and not processed crap. I will be posting a future blog soon on healthy eating for athletes and coaches. My wife is awesome with reading and researching the healthiest things for our family to eat so I will lean on her to help create the healthiest possible diet.

Lastly, I want to leave you with this parable for the week, The Rabbit vs. The Turtle. I’m sure at some point you’ve heard this one before. A race between the fast rabbit and slow turtle that ends with the turtle actually winning. Which would you rather be, the quick rabbit or the slow turtle? Most people would want to be the rabbit because of its speed. I challenge you to be the turtle, slow and steady. Do not be like the rabbit who is quick to start and ultimately loses the race because it’s too prideful. Remember all the people who are going to start their New Years Resolutions with the attitude and mindset of a rabbit. They’ll start quick out of the gates but will soon get bored, boastful, and fall back into the old routine. The turtle on the other hand will start with a great game plan, a nice pace, and will ultimately be the one who wins. A turtle is also comfortable in their own shell, so as you start your resolutions be comfortable with who you are and how you’ll achieve your goals. Don’t compare yourself others, rather judge your success based upon the effort you give in order to accomplish your goals. If you give 100% effort, 100% of the time, there is no doubt you’ll be a winner just like the turtle.

Thank you for reading and be an RGP today. I wish you all health and happiness in 2013!


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  • Angie Elmendorf says:

    I really love your first resolution! : )
    Many if your resolutions are the same as mine. We need to help push each other to attain them, especially the working out one…..
    Great blog!!!