The Key Component to Success: Enthusiasm

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“Enthusiasm moves the world.”~Arthur Balfour

Do you lift up or deflate? Are you a “Debbie Downer” or do your brighten the room? Being happy is a choice. Having enthusiasm is a choice. The world belongs to those who have passion for what they do. This week we’ll discuss three ways to bring enthusiasm to your school, team, and job.

When you choose to have enthusiasm your production and quality of work increases. People will begin to gravitate towards you. Those with enthusiasm bring more to the table and are the ones who achieve the most success.

Three Ways to Bring Enthusiasm to School

Ask questions. Be a “learn it all.” The more you learn, the more ownership and excitement you will begin to have over your own education and future. As you ask questions you’ll begin to feel more confident, and with that confidence will come an enthusiasm for learning.

Be grateful. You’re lucky to attend the school you do. Many students are not as fortunate. Not all classrooms have the technology and resources your school does. Be grateful and take advantage of the great education you have access to.

Be creative. Creativity ignites enthusiasm. Experiment. Be open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. It will fill you with energy and enthusiasm. It will also help to keep you young in mind.

Three Ways to Bring Enthusiasm to Your Sport

Make contact. Bring the enthusiasm by giving “high 5’s” and “fist bumps.” It doesn’t matter if you’re a player or a coach, go out of your way to make contact and encourage others. It makes a difference.

Lift up. Encourage, encourage, encourage. Be a great teammate by making it a priority to lift others up through action and words. Make it a priority to encourage at least one teammate a day.

Have a mantra. Create a team slogan or mantra that serves as a uniting, rallying cry for the team. Each year is different, so each season the team should create a new mantra. This will generate enthusiasm for your team’s season.

Three Ways to Bring Enthusiasm to Work

Celebrate success. Give those with enthusiasm a platform. These people should be examples for others to model. That which gets praised gets repeated. Celebrate their success. Praise what you want.

Inspire. Everyone loves a good motivational story or clip. Come up themes for your business and inspire your employees by bringing everyone into the meeting room to view a clip or share a story.

Be Proud. Exhibit pride in your job and the company you work for. Realize what you have and why you have it. If you’re not proud of your work and who you work for, why should others do business with you? You have to have pride in order to have enthusiasm for something.

I am the greatest builder of the world. I am the foundation of every triumph. No matter what your position is, I can better it. My name is enthusiasm.” ~Anonymous

How do you bring enthusiasm to your school, team, or job? What are some methods you suggest to help generate enthusiasm? Please share your thoughts to keep the discussion going.

As always, thanks for reading, have a great week, and be an RGP today!


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