The Leader of Oz

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One the eve of his day of practice at his new school, Jimmy was beyond nervous for what tomorrow would bring. How tough would practice be? Would his teammates like him? What would his new coach be like? He’d been at school for a couple of weeks now, but had yet to meet coach.

Jill was in her second week of work at her new firm. So far, so good. She was enjoying working with her new team and making new friends. But there was something a little off, and it was beginning to make her wonder. She had yet to meet with or interact with her boss at work.

Jimmy and Jill are both dealing with the Leaders of Oz.

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Just like how Dorothy and her pals come to find out who and what the wizard is; Jimmy and Jill are beginning to find out the same thing.

Leadership is one of the most written and talked about subjects, yet many fail to realize what it truly is.

Leadership is action and influenced combined.

It is not a title or position. And is not demonstrated behind closed doors.

The number one mistake most people make in a leadership position is believing people will automatically accept their leadership. Sure, people will do their jobs and comply with what the leader may ask in an email. But, they’re only doing this so they meet the requirements to keep their job in order to pay their bills.

That’s it.

One cannot lead behind a wall, curtain, desk, or closed-door.

No matter what line of work you’re in, whether it’s sports related or within the business world, it’s a people business. People get the work done. People move the bar. The most successful teams, organizations, and companies need leaders who build relationships.

The world is in need of leadership. Look around and you’ll will notice the void. Bad and evil prevail when good men do nothing. It’s time for the real leaders to stand up and help create tomorrow’s leaders.


As the great Les Brown says, “There can be no success without successors.”

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Effective leaders empower others. The create happy workplace environments and make people feel alive.

Ineffective leaders make people feel isolated, frustrated, and defeated.

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve recently heard came from Mano Watsa, director of PGC Basketball. In a talk to coaches Mano shared the one rule he has for all the teams he coaches. It’s called “Say Hi, Say Bye”, and I immediately put it into practice with my team.

Here’s how it works: players must come up and say “hi” to their coach before practice begins and “bye” before they leave for the day.


It’s about relationship barometers. Through this simple interaction the coach and player are able to further connect. The coach is able to see what type of day the player had, what mood they’re in, what their mindset is, and how to best reach them that day.

How many leaders in the business world go days, weeks, or even longer without having meaningful interactions with the people they are supposed to lead?

Too many. Way too many.

It’s time to flip the script. Our world needs more authentic leaders; not another “Leader of Oz.”

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Will you join us in helping create a better future by creating better leaders?

As always, thanks for reading, have a great week, and be an RGP today!


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