The Pirate Life

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pirate 1

On a clear bright day out on the Caribbean a pirate and sailor were telling stories. After sharing his, the sailor looked at the pirate’s leg (or lack thereof) and said,

“What happened to your leg?”

The pirate puffed on his pipe, blew the smoke out, and said,

“Argh, I wrestled a shark and lost me leg.”

The sailor then pointed to the hook the pirate had for a hand and asked,

“How’d you get the hook?”

The pirate winked as said,
“Argh, I fought Red Beard’s crew and lost me hand.”

The sailor laughed and then pointed to the pirate’s eye patch and said,

“So, explain the eye patch?”

The pirate explained,

“Argh, a bird fly over and pooped in me eye one day.”

The sailor gave him a confused look and said,

“That story isn’t as cool or impressive as the others.”

The pirated laughed and said,

“Argh, it was me first day with the hook.”

pirate 2

Aye, the life of a pirate huh?

That story is one way to look at the pirate life, but what if we took a different approach?  Let’s give it a shot.

What are pirates known for? Going after treasure and taking what they want, right? Well, what if we adopted that mentality and applied it to what we want in life? What if we applied the “pirate mentality” to our dreams, relationships, and goals?

Instead of engaging in negative talk, self-doubt, worry, and anxiety over what’s to come; why not embrace who we are and go after what we want?

Too many times in my own life I’ve been too passive. I haven’t clearly identified what I want or who I want to be. My actions didn’t have anything to map towards. I wasn’t the best I could be in my relationships and my career. I’m no different than anyone else. There’s always times where doubt, fear, an insecurity creep in. And when they do, I have to fight to get back to my vision of who I want to be and what I want to have. This verse helps me to get to that point:

pirate 7

How can we be a pirate in our own life?

Have you ever heard of Joseph Schooling? He’s the man who beat Michael Phelps (the greatest swimmer of all time) in the 100m butterfly of the 2016 Olympic games in Rio. In doing so, Schooling won the first ever gold medal for Singapore. The irony of this story is how Phelps and Schooling’s lives crossed previously.

pirate 4

In 2008 Phelps traveled to Singapore to visit a training facility. There Schooling met his idol and his desire to achieve his own greatness intensified. Schooling began to adopt the “pirate mentality” into his own life. He wanted something, and he went out and got it.

He wasn’t a passenger in his life’s journey, he was driver. He didn’t wait for it, he made it happen. Schooling was “pirate” like because he knew what he wanted and he went after it with all he had.

One of the things my wife and I teach and emphasize to our boys is to never give up. If they want something (within reason, at their ages now) in life, we want them to have the ability to go get it.

As a parent it’s weird, you go through so many stages. You go from doing almost everything for them (bathing, changing explosive poops, getting dressed, making food, putting on shoes, wiping snot off their faces, the list could go on forever) to sudden independence. All of the sudden one day they’ll say,

“NO! I can do it.”

And then they spill the bowl of food or glass of milk all over the floor.

In my head I’m thinking,

“ got this. I’m just going to step back and watch this disaster unfold.”

pirate 5

There’s where the “pirate life” can begin or end. What story are we going to allow our child to believe? That they’re capable, or they can’t do it and need mommy or daddy to do it for them?

As frustrating and maddening it can be with toddlers as they become independent, we have to encourage them to have the “I can do it and have it” mentality.

Pirates don’t settle. They are in relentless pursuit of their treasure. So, why do we settle? Why do we settle for mediocre lives, relationships, and ambitions? We don’t have to. In order to live the pirate lifestyle and live the life we dream about we need to do the following three things:

First, we must dream big and believe. It doesn’t matter if it’s one area of our life or multiple areas, we just need to dream and believe it’s possible.

Secondly, we have to act. We must be. As Yoda wisely said, “Do or do not. There is no try.” We must be the way and do what it takes to get what we want.

pirate 6

Thirdly, we must have. This requires us to believe we are worthy. Along with that, we must be open to receiving. Recently I read a book where it discussed creating a daily list of things going our way. The list should include anytime you get something (no matter how small) for free (drink, lunch, tickets, etc..) In creating this list we will increase our gratitude level. We will come into alignment with things we desire, and when this happens we are open to receiving.

The key is Forget The How. It’s counterproductive to worry about when and where we will receive from. However, if we trust the process, dream, believe, act, and open ourselves up to receiving we will have the Pirate Life, and live the life of our dreams.

If anything in this week’s post hit home, please share so that someone else may benefit from it too. Come back next week as we continue on our journey.

As always, thanks for reading, have a great week, and be an RGP today!


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