From our early years until we graduate high school, we live under our parents roof and their rules. During our school years (especially high school) we struggle to balance classes, gpa’s, friends, social life, puberty, the opposite sex, where to go to college, sports, and trying to fit in while being unique. Yes, we all remember; the struggle was real.

Fast forward into college. It’s a whole new world with more responsibility. Mom’s not there to make your lunch everyday. In college we struggled to balance living on our own, classes, fraternity and sorority life, friends, partying, going to class, dating, what our major will be, actually graduating, and then entering the real world to find a job.

After realizing the adult world is nothing close to what our past eight (some maybe took 10+) years to finish high school and college, we begin a new balancing act. Now it’s bills (and lots of them), marriage, early career struggles, buying a home, having a baby, realizing you will never sleep in again, changes in the career, another baby, moving into another home, and constantly being on the go.

Much like sports (basketball, in particular), life is a pivot. As soon as you get comfortable in one spot, you must change directions to get to the next one.

And that’s why we’ve branded this blog as, The Pivot.

The truth is we are all always on a pivot. We always have been, and always will be.

This is not just a blog about basketball and sports. It’s about life. I teach the game of life through basketball. And every Friday I want to share something with you, valued reader, which will make you think, smile, laugh, and maybe even tear up.

My goal is to share my thoughts, and the thoughts of other influencers on this site to help make the world a better place. We will discuss topics on athletics, family, faith, and life.

The ultimate goal is provide guidance and inspiration while we all pivot from one phase of life to the next. One of life’s great truths is that we’re all better together. My posts are not intended to be lectures, but rather discussions on how we can become the best versions of ourselves possible.

We have a “Spotlight” section which will feature influencers in various career fields. Check out our first one on Tucker Herzberg here. He provides 10 training tips for high school athletes and coaches. It’s great stuff, please pass it along to those who can benefit from it.

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As always, thanks for reading, have a great week, and be an RGP today!