The Promise

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Ask yourself this question: What is one of our great flaws we possess human beings? Stop and give this a minute of serious thought. My answer: our ability to think that nothing is going to happen to us. That we are somehow above it and that the rules don’t apply to us. We somehow think that the stories we watch, read, or hear about in the news could never happen to us. I am as guilty of this as anybody out there. I often think about this, but then go about my business as normal, even if something has happened to someone close to me. Well, surely this can’t and won’t happen to me. This is what we think. I don’t know why this is but it needs to be reversed. My perspective needs to change, and I’d like to propose an alternative mindset.

Recently I used this quote with the girls on my team, “What would you give for today, if tomorrow wasn’t promised?” I often find myself saying, “I’ll get to that tomorrow” or “I’ll tell them that next time I see them.” I could die right now from any number of causes, and that is really hard to think about. We think that tomorrow and our future are promised to us. It’s not. The challenge is to live a life that takes nothing for granted. Too often we fail to realize this until we have experienced some sort of tragedy. Even after that, as time goes by, we often revert to the old way of thinking. We only get 24 hours in a day; that’s it. People much wiser than me have said, “The key to life is to enjoy what you do.” I love what I do, but I often take it for granted. A flaw of mine is sometimes I’ll save my best for the next lesson or practice when I could’ve shared it that day. I’ll think to myself, “Remember to say that tomorrow or next time we discuss this.” If we knew we didn’t have a tomorrow, what would we spend today doing? If we knew there would be no next time, what would we say? Words are words and I am guilty of saying and not doing just as much as the next person. So I welcome you to take on this challenge with me: Let’s live our life like we were not promised tomorrow.

If you’ve graduated from high school, try to think of how you thought in your high school days. If you are still in school, read this next paragraph and take it to heart. The only person that determines your future is you. What you do now in high school matters. It matters more than ever with the way the global economy and job markets are. Yeah, you might have parents, administrators, and teachers that bend over backwards to help you on your journey to success. But the only person that can truly make you a success is you. Be better than I was in high school. I was a procrastinator. I got by with my natural ability but never really pushed myself academically. I never really pushed myself until after I graduated college. I look back and wish I would have gotten myself more scholarship opportunities. I am in great place now but it took a while for me to find myself and hit my stride. So realize that what you do now in high school matters. Don’t push off giving your best for the next test, project, semester, or school year. Give your best today and every day. You never know who is watching and how many opportunities you will get. You have more competition than any other generation before you. Do not be a bystander; be someone who takes initiative. Nothing is certain; nothing is promised.

“What would you give for today if tomorrow wasn’t promised?” Life is not a dress rehearsal. There are no do-over’s. Sorry all you gamers out there, but we can’t just push the reset button and start over. This is it. Go back and listen to the lyrics of Eminem’s, “[amazon-product text=”Lose Yourself” type=”text”]B001NYO3G4[/amazon-product].”  The song really has an inspiring message. We got one shot at this. When our “shot” or opportunity arises, we must give it everything we have. It might be the only opportunity we get. We should approach every opportunity like it’s our own Superbowl, if we do that then the greatness within will be noticed. The mindset that we are promised tomorrow leads to complacency and inaction. How great could we be if we gave every day, everything we have? We have one chance in life to do whatever we want to do. So whatever you want your mark to be on this world, whatever you want your legacy to be, leave it. Don’t wait for tomorrow or next week. Leave your legacy today.

What do you want people to be able to say about you when you’re gone? How do you want them to remember you? We are in control of two things: our attitude and our efforts. Effort is only between yourself; no one can judge your effort but you. Only you can look yourself in the mirror at the end of the day and know for certain if you gave your best. Be someone who can live and be happy with what they see in the mirror. After I am gone, I want people to be able to say that I was someone who cared about others and was someone who really lived. I want them to remember the effort I gave and hopefully the positive mark I left on those who knew me.

Although we are not promised today or tomorrow, each day we have is a gift. The perfect quote to illustrates this says, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, today is a gift, that’s’ why it’s called the present.” Every day is a new day; every opportunity is a new opportunity. No matter how bad last night was, the next day can be completely different. This past Tuesday was not a good night, our team got blown out by a very good team. We had two choices, feel sorry for ourselves and sulk, or get back up and get better. I am proud of the girls on my team for the way they responded. We’ve had two great days of practice and will respond by playing a great game tonight.

The challenge for us this week is to stop taking our life, the people we hold dear, and our careers for granted. Let’s take it one day at a time and give it the best we have. Live and act like each one is your last. Make the rest of your life the best of your life. That’s the only promise we should make.

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  • Bonnie burton says:

    What a wonderful world this would be if half the people would live by the words in your article. The older I get the more I realize …..do say and love because every day is a gift! Great article Kyle, thank you.

  • kelmendorf says:

    Thank you