The Strike Out King

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One day there was old farmer who had just about enough of the old donkey on his farm. And on this particular day the donkey struck the farmer’s last nerve. In the middle of long, hot day the farmer heard the faint sounds of the donkey crying out. When he got to the donkey, the farmer saw him stuck in the bottom of a well.

As I said, this was the last straw for the farmer. He asked a few of his friends to bring shovels over and they were going to bury the donkey. Sounds awful, right? These were the days before PETA, but rest assured I do not condone the burial of live donkeys, lol.

Anyways, they began pouring shovels of dirt on the donkey. For the first ten minutes, the donkey was very agitated and cried out loudly.

SI Exif

SI Exif

But then he stopped.

A couple of the farmers stopped shoveling and looked into the well to see the fate of the donkey. Much to their surprise, he was alive. The donkey had been stepping to the side of the incoming piles of dirt. When it landed on him, he simply shook it off and stepped to the side.

Now, the donkey was standing on a mound of dirt, and the farmers went from trying to bury him to frantically trying to save him. A few minutes later the donkey climbed out of the well and the farmers stood in awe of the stubborn old donkey.

Have you ever looked at someone who seemingly had it all and said, “Man, they’re so lucky?”

Have you ever watched a great athlete and thought, “I wish I was born with that type of talent?”

Have you ever wondered what makes the business owner successful?

They don’t give up. They don’t listen to the naysayers. They pivot when adversity hits, and make the most of new opportunities. 

Babe Ruth, the great bambino, the sultan of swat (ok, ok I won’t go into all the nicknames like The Sandlot, but admit it…you just did) was one of the greatest baseball players of all time. Babe Ruth ended his career as the all-time leader for home runs hit.

People remember him for hitting the long ball.

But you what people don’t remember?

All the times he swung and missed. 

Yes, he was the home run king, but he was also the strike out king. During his career he led the American League in strikeouts five times and had over 1,300 career strikeouts; which was a record for over 30 years.

strikeout 1

The morale of the story is this…if you want success, you have to put up with failure. You don’t have to accept it, but you have to brush it off and have the will to survive like the donkey. Too many people walk away from success because they can’t tolerate the frustration of failure.

We have two options when facing setbacks in life…

  1. Give up and walk away.
  2. Brush it off, pick the bat back up and swing away.

I’m going with number two.

How about you?

As always, thanks for reading, have a great week and be an RGP!


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