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This past Sunday morning I was driving up to Lowe’s to get some yard bags. I was thinking of a few ideas for this week’s post when all of the sudden the perfect song came on the radio. I had turned the channel and an acoustic version of [amazon-product type=”text”]B000HSFFNC[/amazon-product], “Waiting On The World To Change” came on the radio. This week I’ll discuss what we’re waiting on, why it’s bad to wait, and what we can do about it.

In a way, John Mayer’s song is a call to action. I believe we as a society wait too much. We’re always looking for someone else to provide the answers for us. I see this all around me and it’s wrong. Instead of waiting for change to happen or someone else to provide it, we need to be the change we want to see in the world. We live in a results-oriented society. Our employers want results and we have to be able to provide them. We must be able to develop this ability in our kids. We are doing them no favors by coddling or socially promoting them. Yes, there needs to be understanding, help, and care provided, but they must become self-sufficient and not reliant on adults.

I am fearful that we are becoming a society that just passes the buck. Instead of confronting or changing something, we just let it be or go by. Why? It’s easier, for one. One of my favorite coachisms is, “You either coach it or allow it to happen.” As a coach I can’t wait for my players to figure things out on their own. If there’s an issue with a player or within the team, I can’t just sit back and hope it corrects itself. I either coach them on the right way or I allow it to happen. It’s accepting responsibility. I have to teach them the correct way to execute an offense or defense. If players are disrespectful or display poor sportsmanship, ultimately it’s on the coach. Whether it’s coaching, classroom teaching, or leading in management, we let things slide too much. We wait and hope they’ll “work themselves out” when we should take action. Let’s stop passing the buck because we’re our younger generations are following our lead.

If we only watch the evening news or read the newspaper headlines, it’s very easy to lose hope in humanity. The reality is that for as much bad we see and hear about, there’s more good in the world and in people. I know we’ve all heard or said this before: “What’s this world coming to?” It’s easy to sit back and criticize, while it’s much more difficult to do something about it. Instead of sitting back and waiting on the world to change, we need to become the change we want to see in people. The song “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson comes to mind. We need to look ourselves in the mirror and ask ourselves if we’re doing enough. Are we acting out the change we want to see in the world?

I love the upcoming holiday season because of the kind spirit it brings out in people. Why can’t we have more of that throughout the year, not just November through January? I am just as guilty of this as anyone. Have you ever seen the film, Pay it Forward? Most of us know what it means to “pay it forward” because of this film. This often happens at Starbucks. When paying for your drink, pay for the order behind yours. I have had this done for me before and I’ve done it for others as well, and it really does make your day whether you give or receive. Last year, while out to lunch, our FCA huddle collected extra money and paid for people’s meals behind us. It was great to see how surprised and happy people were when they found out their meal was paid for.   We need to do little things more to help create a nicer, better world. Simple things such as smiling at strangers in stores, saying hello, thank you, or have a nice day are all easy to do. Most of all we need to take the time to listen to others and help them when it’s needed.

Overall, the world is a good place full of good people. The problem is that we sit back and let the bad things and negativity rule. We need to be more positive. We must stop waiting on others to take the lead and do things for us. It’s time to stand up and be the people we’re called to be. Let’s treat each other nicely, perform acts of service, give back, teach our children proper morals, and most importantly, be the change we want to see.

Let’s stop waiting on the world to change and let’s start changing the world.

As always, thanks for reading, have a great week , and be an RGP today!


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  • Dear Kyle,
    Thank you for your response – it is imperative that we discuss things we can do rather than keep on harping on the things that are wrong, the excuses why things don’t get done and the self interests that are sometimes the subconscious expression. For the sake of full disclosure I have a for profit company Lumen Touch in the education space that provides Leadership and technology to schools and school districts. We have a very strong presence in Missouri and hence many of you may be aware of us.
    I do not come out of the education field but have spent the past 40 years as a physician and business man. The future is where we should keep our minds focused and hence the importance of creating very clear vision, mission and goals and then execute with collaboration and team spirit focused on the customer. Unfortunately when you strip the education organization down to bits and bytes the focus is not on the learner. We have to move from the old industrial revolution model of command and control, batch processing and I know whats good for you to a model of empowerment and accountability.
    You are on that path so keep it up and let’s put Missouri in the Top10 by 2020.