what could you do 1

Once there were two teenage friends playing hockey on a frozen lake behind their subdivision. School was not in session, and they had not a care in the world. It was a bright, clear, sunny day with fresh winter crisp in the air. The boys were having the time of their lives.

Until one of theirs almost ended.

One of the boys heard a crack, and stopped immediately. He hoped his instant fear wouldn’t come true, but in a flash it did. Before he could act, the ice the boy was standing on collapsed into the freezing waters of the lake. In a panic the boy tried to swim to safety, but he did so in the wrong direction. The boy was now trapped underneath the ice in the freezing cold water unable to breathe.

The boy’s friend, having witnessed the horror and now fearing the worst for his friend, was only 50 yards away. He knew his friend would die soon if he didn’t do something, and do it fast. So, the boy skated as fast as he could to his submerged friend. Once there the boy began to pound and pound away on the ice with his arms in a club.

After several blows to the ice, and what seemed like an eternity to both boys, the ice finally broke. The rescuing boy was able to pull his friend from an imminent icy death.

Afterwards, the paramedics and EMS personnel were absolutely dumbfounded on how the boy was able to break the ice and save his friend.

They were all asking, “How’d he do it? I can’t believe it.”

Then an elderly man, who had witnessed the entire event play out from his house, said, “I’ll tell you how he did it.”

“No one was there to tell him he couldn’t do it.”

what could you do 2

What would you accomplish if you blocked out all doubters and negativity in your life?

We can either give into to fear or give into our commitments to reach our goals. I don’t know about you, but I’m choosing commitments. The key is to take action on what we want. Don’t worry about what others think. Those that matter won’t mind, and those that mind don’t matter.

Too many people end up in the graveyard with epitaph the reads, “Had potential.” How tragically sad. This happens when people don’t take risks for fear of what others will say or think. Don’t follow the herd who have worn a beaten path. Rather, choose the uncharted path.

Most of us worry about what others think but the reality is that they don’t think of us often. If they do, you’re already winning.

We focus on fixing what we don’t want when we should focus on creating the life we do want. Kids are born with eternal optimism. They think they can do and achieve anything. It’s not until adults come along to tell them they can’t do something. Let’s go back to having that childlike enthusiasm and desire to do something great. Don’t listen to the one’s who say you can’t, listen to the ones in your corner.

what could you do 3

What if we coached our teams like there was no outside pressure or expectations? Only the expectation to give it your best and become the best you’re capable of?

What if we practiced, trained, and played like there was no one to tell us we wouldn’t succeed?

What if we took risks and massive action to make our entrepreneurial dreams come true?

What if we loved like we didn’t care what others thought?

The results and our lives would be phenomenal! That’s what would happen.

What could you do, if no one’s there to tell you couldn’t?

As always, thanks for reading, have a great week, and be an RGP today!


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