When Garbage Goes In…

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garbage 1

What do you do when you’re your gas light is on but you’re only a few miles away from your destination? If your car runs out of gas, do you take trash, blend it up and funnel it into the gas tank? Do you dump Gatorade into it because it has fuel to make you go?

Absolutely not.

We don’t put junk in our car and expect it to run correctly, right? So, why do we fill ourselves with junk and think it’s okay?

One of the greatest liberties we enjoy as Americans is freedom of choice. But we don’t have freedom of consequence, although many seem to speak and act that way as of late. What will fill our minds with matters. What we watch in the morning and before bed matters. What we click on and read matters. What and who we listen to matters.

If you ask any parent if they want the best for their children, they’ll say yes. There’s only one guarantee in life; and that is we’re all going to die. We’re only here on earth for a short period of time. No one out lives father time; except for Bob Barker, that dude is old!

But seriously, think of Michael Phelps…when training for the olympics did he eat fast food? Did he listen to negative talk radio? Did he watch negative videos or shows? No. He was intentional with everything that went into his mind, and the results speak for themselves.

garbage 2We all have a choice on what we feed our mind and body, but too many of us want to feed it negativity and scarcity. Too many people believe the only way they can succeed and win is by destroying the competition. They believe there’s not enough to go around, so they create labels and begin separate. People need to stop acting from a mindset of lack.

The world we be a better place if more people understood that abundance is for everyone. We ALL have the right to and CAN live in abundance. If people would operate from a mindset of abundance rather than scarcity I believe we wouldn’t see so much hate, division, and hurt in our country and world.

“A man is but a product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes.”

The problem is our kids are not taught this. Look at kids under the age of 10. They are dreamers, and doers. But somehow from somewhere they stop dreaming and start believing they can’t have what they dream about because someone else is out to take it from them. They then start to blame instead of love. And once this happens it becomes easier to hate others, or sit back and say nothing while others take part.

garbage 3

Children are being taught to hate. It’s not right and it’s not fair to the child. It’s coming from the insecurities and scarcity mindset of the adults in her life. The good news is that anything that can be learned can be unlearned. And that starts with love.

Anything that can be learned, can be unlearned.

We need less broken adults in America and the world who are filled with vile and hate. We need more who operate out of love and with an abundance mindset. How do we get to that point? Here’s a good starting point:

-We need to teach our kids how to create their own language. We need to teach them they can sing their world into existence. What they think and speak, they become.

-We need to teach them to start with the end in mind. We need to help them find their mission, vision, and true calling in life. And then help them realize that if they can dream it, they can achieve it.

-We need to help them find and embrace their identity

-We need empower them to be a light in times of darkness.

-We need to empower them to be what they want to see.

garbage 5

What we read, watch, and listen matters. What we think, we become.

A question we should all be mindful of is what our legacy will be. What will others say about us when we’re gone? How are we going to live our lives and treat others so we will be remembered fondly?

We’re not born knowing hate or lack. We’re born knowing love, but somewhere along the way we start listening to people tell us we’re not good enough. We’re not smart enough. It’s too hard to do it. We let others fill our minds with garbage. We begin to separate and divide; and then teach it to our children.

If more people knew who their creator was and that they are loved, we wouldn’t have so many broken adults. When we acknowledge we’re all one human race. We all come from the same creator, a God who loves us.

For me, I get this from knowing my savior Jesus Christ.

garbage 4

Help us impact the world. Help us empower our youth so we don’t see Americans spewing vile and hate towards one another. Help us to empower our future to live and love loudly.

We need more leaders.

When Garbage goes in…it comes out.

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